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A shuttle awaits at Hiawatha Gardens, the parking lot popular among regulars of the Manitou Incline and Barr Trail that has been free for years. Parking will now be $1 an hour.

How will Manitou use the money?

As some people know, the last free parking lot at the Manitou Incline is no longer free. The city is now charging $1 per hour to those who choose to park there. The reason for this is to control the increase in population of El Paso County and to have control over those who choose to visit the city of Manitou. In my opinion, that’s kind of absurd because Manitou has been a place for tourists to visit for many years. Tourism contributes to a lot of the city’s economy so if anything, the city benefits more from tourists than it is affected.

On top of charging for parking, the Manitou Incline decided to permanently keep its reservation system. This means that visitors of the Incline need to constantly worry about these two very inconvenient issues. Both of these new implementations just make me want to stay home or go take a hike somewhere else to avoid going through this much of a hassle. I’m sure many people feel the same way.

I understand that $1 for parking isn’t much, but it adds up for those who regularly visit the incline to exercise or to enjoy the scenery. After all, not everyone visits the Incline just a couple of times a year. Nevertheless, I am curious to see how the city will use the money that’s acquired from the parking lot and the reactions of others regarding these two topics.

Marlene Saenz

Colorado Springs

Abortion as birth control?

Every day I see another article, opinion, or letter about the new abortion bill, the latest being the Viewpoint in the Gazette on April 6. There has been a lot of outrage and moral condemnation for the bill and nothing from the other side, not surprising since the liberals are probably either happy as the proverbial clams or have moved on to some other legislative atrocity they have planned and don’t see the need to justify their deeds anymore. That’s what we get when we all go blue.

But I keep coming back to the same questions, which I would address to both sides:

1. How has abortion become a reasonable and ho-hum method of birth control? With all the other possibilities, over-the-counter and prescription, most of it cheap and easy (though I remember a few years ago when the ladies on the left were ranting and raving about how they couldn’t afford the pill), how come nobody even talks about the B-C-word anymore? Does that mean that abortions are free but the pill or other simple remedies might cost a few bucks a month?

2. How come nobody on either side even suggests that a woman might consider a means of preventing pregnancy instead of waiting for the proverbial stuff to hit the fan and end up in “damage” control mode? While certainly there are legitimate reasons for abortions (rape, incest health of child and mother for starters) with all the ways to prevent this condition, why aren’t the modern women and the pro and anti groups pushing birth control instead of just ranting about how it is their God-given right to avail themselves of this medieval and bloody remedy? We would arrest anyone who treated a dog or cat this way and liberal hearts bleed for a child who is abused or bullied, but only after they reach a certain age, I guess. The pro-abortion folks have said in the past that if the pro-lifers were really interested in saving lives, they would take special care of those already born and walking around, and there is some logic to that also.

Bottom line, I have not seen prevention/birth control mentioned by either side and I find that really strange and concerning. And don’t get me started on the men taking their share of responsibility, since they can always walk away unlike the women who will have to do the heavy lifting for this problem.

If “you have come a long way, Baby” start acting like it and take some personal responsibility and do your best not to end up with an unwanted pregnancy.

I am pretty sure that using birth control would turn out to be a lot cheaper and easier in both the long and short run.

Geraldine Russell

Colorado Springs

A step back in time

HB 1279 has set Colorado back 157 years. The last time a segment of the population was segregated out with no rights as a citizen, was when Black slaves were a nonentity before the Emancipation Proclamation. Since the fetuses have no rights, and there is a disproportionate number of Black babies aborted, this has set Colorado back to the dark days before 1865, and added a whole group from all other races to the discrimination, (fetuses in the womb).

Rep. Daneya Esgar and lawmakers of Colorado have not done their duty to protect all the people of Colorado as you claim, but have discriminated against a entire portion of the population of Colorado. And no, you have not represented all the people of Colorado, nor have you represented them well. It is sad to see Colorado step back in time, to a time that is now a worse time.

Marcena Springer

Colorado Springs

Inflation is getting worse

Benjamin Franklin said “You have your republic, let’s see if you can keep it.” Recent economic signs say we might not be able to keep it.

Inflation is getting worse and we are headed for stagflation, which is defined as high inflation, high unemployment and little or no growth. The outlook for the U.S. economy has darkened, and we could be headed for a recession. Many believed inflationary pressures would ease as supply chains normalize. But this has not happened. Supply issues continue to be unaddressed.

Last month, food prices increased 1.4%, and energy costs increased 3.7%. The average cost of gas is $4.24/gallon, up 63 cents from a month ago when it was $3.61. Since President Joe Biden took office, gas prices are up 77% and wages are down 2.6% and wage growth is slowing. Inflation is now over 6% in 58% of advanced economies. Biden will authorize the production of the minerals needed for batteries for electric cars. Nickel is our biggest concern, and Elon Musk warned the cost of nickel could add $1,000 to the cost of an electric car.

Biden’s policies are problematic, including his decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline. Production is blocked by his administration including progressives and other far left supporters. The price of oil is based only on the law of supply and demand.

I hear talk that Biden also wants to capitalize student debt. This would only add to the inflation rate.

John Childs

Colorado Springs


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